Cavalier Gastown Is Transitioning to By-Appointment

Cavalier Gastown is Transitioning to By-Appointment

Starting in 2020, Cavalier is making the switch to a by-appointment model, but what exactly does this mean for our customers? 

As the company has grown, so has the demand for our services, which is amazing! But we’ve come to the point where moving beyond the first come, first serve rush of walk-in traffic is the best way to ensure each and every customer is getting our undivided attention. 

At the root of it, Cavalier is a small, but passionate team of jewellery experts. We’ve built our reputation just as much through our custom engagement rings and industry knowledge as by the bonds we make with our customers. Scheduling meetings and being prepared lets us engage with our clientele at a better level, without interruptions. 

The goal has always been to provide a calm, casual environment once you walk through our doors. No one wants to feel rushed into buying a ring or feel like another customer is anxiously waiting in the wings, and we know the frustration of not having someone available to answer a question ASAP. Switching to by-appointment means we’re not compromising any of our clientele’s time. 

Whether you’re interested in a custom ring design, an in-depth look at our diamond and gemstone inventory, or simply a few pieces of advice over the phone, you can easily book an appointment with us through the Cavalier website. A member of our team will follow-up to discuss the details of your visit in order to make the best use of your appointment time. If you’re near the store and haven’t made an appointment, you’re always welcome to stop by and see if any cancelations have come up day-of— While there are no guarantees, we’d be happy to find a good time to talk. 

We’re excited to move forward on a by-appointment basis because we know it’ll give us an even better chance to get to know our customers, ultimately adding to the quality, care, and attention you’ve come to expect from Cavalier.

Keith Seabrook and Dane Stevens,

Shop Owners and Founders of Cavalier