Wedding Season FAQ

Tis The Season

Everyone has their favorite season. Prefer days on the slopes and nights where you can actually use your quilt? It’s winter. Prefer those same mountains, minus the snow and with hiking shoes? It’s Spring or summer. How about pumpkin infused craft beer and Sundays full of NFL football? Fall, for sure. 

For us, at Cavalier, there is really only one choice. Our friends from Wedding Crashers will explain. 

Thankfully, wedding season is a busy time at Cavalier. I mean, if it wasn’t, we’d probably be out of business. Over the past 5 years, we’ve learned that from Easter through Labour Day time is always at a premium - especially for couples tying the knot. 

This post will focus on FAQ’s that we answer daily, often multiple times. Our goal? To eliminate some of that pre-wedding stress that leaves couples wondering if eloping to Vegas would have been the best option after all. If you’re a current or potential client, and if this post helps answer at least one question, we’d consider that a win for everyone. 

But, I just got it! 

Yes, you will probably have to leave your engagement ring with us in order to get a perfect match to your wedding band. And while we certainly understand clients not wanting to part with their engagement ring, the finished matching wedding band will fit and match better if we are able to have the corresponding engagement ring on hand. This is especially true if we are setting diamonds by hand on the wedding band. 

Still, in addition to getting a perfect match, there is another positive to this: while your rings are with us, we’re able to clean, check, and tighten the engagement rings so they’re both looking new for the wedding photos! 

If not now, when? 

If you’re not sure when is the best time to drop off your ring, consider what events you have leading up to the wedding. Bachelorette? Photo shoot? Wedding shower? Essentially, check your calendar and plan accordingly. 

If you feel you’ll need your ring for any of the events, let us know and we can either expedite your matching band order so you have your ring back in time, or schedule a day to drop it off in the future after the upcoming event has passed. 

Size matters. 

It’s certainly not uncommon for both partners in a relationship to think about slimming down and shaping up prior to a wedding. But, while you will typically worry about your midsection, we worry about your…fingers? Well, yes. 

A lot of people’s hands swell in the summer when the weather warms up. Couple that with the fact your fingers tend to swell when you are nervous or stressed, and you can see where we are going with this. Basically, unless its you’re fourth wedding - and it’s outdoors, in December, in Winnipeg – there’s a good chance your fingers are going to swell like the Grinch’s heart at the end of the Dr. Seuss classic. 

For this reason, we offer free sizing on our rings. So, try to make time to come in and try on the finished rings at least a few weeks before the wedding. If it feels a bit loose in the store, that’s ok - we can always re-size it after the ceremony. 

Measure twice, engrave once. 

If you and your partner are considering engraving, this should be done after we know the rings fit perfectly. While not as difficult to reverse as the face tattoo your fiancé got on his stag, it’s always best to come and do a fitting beforehand. Resizing rings when there are engravings on the inside can result in the original work needing to be redone, incurring unnecessary, additional costs. 

Just a little patience. 

Two things we’ve found with our male clients: Guys have big knuckles and many aren’t used to wearing rings. As a result, men’s rings will often feel loose once they get over the knuckle but, the reality is, it’s always going to spin a little bit and this will take some time to get used to. 

As mentioned above, resizing is free but we recommend wearing the ring for a bit before committing to a smaller or bigger size. If necessary, we do have the in-store technology to custom fit a different shape of ring in a wax model, around the finger, to eliminate as much spinning or irritation as possible. 

Plan ahead. 

There will be a lot going on, but don’t forget about the relatively small item that will make up a big part of your ceremony. Come in early and get your rings crossed off the wedding list so we can lessen some of the inevitable stress around wedding planning. 

If your budget is a concern, remember, you don’t have to pay the balance until the rings leave the store. For example, if you put a deposit down on March 1st and the bands are done and ready to go on April 15th – but the wedding isn’t until August 10th – you don’t have to pay the balance until pick up, preferably before August 10th.