3 Reasons Why Women Are Buying Themselves Diamond Bands

3 Reasons Why Women Are Buying Themselves Diamond Bands

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When it comes to splurging on something special, more and more women are treating themselves to Diamonds. Whether it's to mark a milestone or chalked up as a self-care treat, there are plenty of reasons why women are buying luxurious pieces of jewelry.


It’s no surprise that the number of women buying themselves Diamond jewelry is on the rise. Last year, 62% of women in North America purchased fine jewelry pieces for themselves. Beyond that, 32% of Millennials and Gen X women are serving as primary breadwinners within their household. This is a significant increase from previous years, which highlights the increasing economic empowerment of women across the country. Beyond the financial means, many women are also using Diamond rings or bands as a way to celebrate remarkable milestones- whether it’s an educational or career achievement, a special anniversary or birthday, treating yourself is a power move we anticipate won't be changing anytime soon. 


4-Stone Oval Diamond Band


When you buy something for yourself, you get to be the one in control. You can choose the ring style, cut, size, and gold colour- you know you best, so you can’t get it wrong.   

At Cavalier, we offer simple and intimate made-to-order experiences for our clients, which allows them to be involved in the design process. Start by looking at our extensive and premium loose stone selection, then decide on a setting and ring style best suited for the stone(s) that catch your eye. Each piece is handcrafted meticulously and meant to last for generations, perhaps even to be handed down when the time comes. 

4-Stone East West Set Emerald Cut Diamond Band


Diamonds are and will always be a timeless beauty, and when it comes to fashion and jewelry, timelessness is key. A well-designed, beautifully crafted Diamond band is the perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe. Dress it up for special occasions or for everyday wear, add it to your stack or design it for your right hand- you’re the boss.  

Browse our selection of ready-made Diamond bands, styles available in both natural mined and lab grown options. Be sure to add your finger size to the notes section before you check out. If you’re interested in starting a made-to-order project, please book an appointment or get in touch with us via email.