Everything You Need To Know About Sapphires

Everything You Need To Know About Sapphires


Although top quality sapphires can come from a variety of countries, the largest deposits today are found in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, known as the "City of Gems" and home to the richest Sapphire mines on the planet. Over 95% of Sapphires across the globe are mined in Sri Lanka- it’s no surprise to learn the majority of Sapphires in our collection hail from this region. 

Sri Lanka houses some of the oldest Sapphire mines in the world, some dating back to the 16th century. Its abundance of lush rainforest terrain and warm tropical climates allow for ideal gem-bearing gravel deposits in the soil. Additionally, Sri Lanka has a highly organized and regulated mining infrastructure that helps ensure the quality and authenticity of the Sapphires being produced in a manner that uses very little modern technology. Almost all of the gems brought to market from Sri Lanka have been mined using traditional methods with low environmental impact.


A traditional Sapphire is best known for its royal, or ceylon blue, colour. We’ve seen blue Sapphire in iconic celebrity pieces for decades, as well as marking the official September birthstone. 

Unbeknownst to many, Sapphire comes in a wide variety of colours from our beloved deep blue to vibrant pinks and purple, lush and lively greens all the way to soft and supple peachy-orange tones. Yellow sapphires range in shade from light to dark yellow, but are not to be mistaken for Diamonds. An eye for detail will differentiate a yellow Sapphire from a yellow Diamond in its cut and brilliance. 

As we’ve seen over the years, the yearn for a coloured stone as an engagement ring, wedding band accent or right hand ring, is becoming more and more sought after as we continue to crave originality and uniqueness within the high fashion and jewelry industry. No two sapphires are identical, and that’s one of many reasons we adore them. 
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A padparadscha Sapphire is the most rare type of Sapphire in the world, originating from Sri Lanka, but also found in Madagascar, Burma, and Tanzania, its unique and incomparable peach hues glimmer with a distinct star-like pattern. This highly sought-after gem is known to be the most rare and valuable Sapphire type in the world, and it’s all thanks to its breathtaking and delicate unmatched combination of colour.
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Sapphires get their iconic colour from trace elements of various elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper, and vanadium. Iron and titanium together form a natural reaction causing the Sapphire's blue colour, while chromium and vanadium are responsible for producing the pink and yellow hues, leaving traces of copper to contribute to the gems orange colour. The amount of trace elements present in each Sapphire will determine the intensity and colour distinction, making each Sapphire truly unique. 


Cavalier is proud to host one of the largest selections of fine Sapphire in all of North America in a rainbow plethora of colours, fancy cuts, and only in the highest of quality. Each stone within our showcase has been individually sourced by hand from our founders, from relationships formed and held closely with our suppliers for generations. 

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