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Our Process

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Whether you’ve been into the shop and have met us before, or are laying a fresh set of eyes on Cavalier, our priority is our clients and building the ring they’ve always wanted. 

Our showcase collection has been carefully curated over the past decade to display a premium and top quality selection of ethically sourced fine gemstones in Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby, as well as both natural mined and lab grown Diamond. Each stone in our collection is hand selected by our experienced team, specifically for our clientele. 

The intention behind a collection of loose stones is to allow our clients to come in and build the engagement ring, wedding band or fine jewelry piece they’ve been dreaming of. It allows flexibility to work within a range of budgets and offers insight on what goes into our process. 

The idea is to have everyone who comes through our doors feeling comfortable coming in and confident walking out. We offer certain aspects of a customizable experience by showing a wide and thoughtfully curated selection of stones and styles, giving our clients the space to build their perfect piece.  


One of the hottest questions we get is price inquiries for client rings seen on our Instagram and online marketing content- remember, proportions always appear different through a screen. This question carries so much depth because each ring we create can vary by thousands of dollars depending on several factors. 

The stone qualities of each ring (the 4c’s, which you can read more about here) play a massive role in the price, as well as the stone type- the difference between lab grown and natural mined Diamonds vary (learn more about lab Diamonds here), and the one-of-a-kind nature of each of our fine gemstones.

Buying jewelry, whether it be for yourself or for your partner, can be an intimate and at times, overwhelming purchase. Our team at Cavalier is here to offer support to make this part of your journey as low stress as possible- the rest is up to you. 

Book an appointment today, come chat with us, be it in store or virtually- we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.