The Scoop On Pre-Wedding Wedding Bands

The Scoop On Pre-Wedding Wedding Bands

Read time: 3-4 mins

For any couple who’s locked in the date, the list of things you need to know/do leading up to your wedding day likely seems never-ending. Not that we’re here to add more to your already full plate, but there are a few things you might find helpful in the ‘prep and prime’ phase of your pre-wedding planning.

We’ll stay in our lane and just stick to deets on the rings, but here’s what you need to know-


We get it, you and your engagement ring have an unbreakable bond. It’s hard to go without it for a 55 minute workout where you constantly catch yourself glancing down at your hand (forgetting that you’ve left it somewhere safe), let alone for 7-10 business days. If your engagement ring has details that are crucial to the design of your wedding band, it’s best to expect you’ll have to leave it with us for just a little bit to make sure your marriage memento is flawless.


This is when our trusty calendars are really put to work. 

For most, wearing your engagement ring plays a big part in the wardrobe game for all your special celebrations leading up to your big aisle debut. Stag? Wedding shower? Photos? Remember to take a peek at some dates beforehand to make sure it works for you, and we’ll do our darn best to make it work too.


If you haven’t already noticed, we like sparkly things around here, like a lot, and given the fact that you’ve already read this far down, you probably do too.

During the days you’ve left your engagement ring with us, we’re also going to give it some much needed TLC- don’t take it personally, everybody's rings need an annual tune up. We’ll make sure everything’s secure, clean and glowing just as the day you got it. You’d be surprised at the difference a deep clean can make.


Checking your wedding rings off your pre-wedding list might be one of the only things you can do well ahead of the date. After you’ve finalized your designs, our projects are estimated to complete in about 8 weeks time. The best part? Once they’re ready, you can tuck them away in a drawer and let your shoulders rest knowing you’ve secured the goods.

Now, in the chance you’ve serendipitously met your one-true-love and are keen to sprint down lovers lane, get in touch with our team to see what your options are for a shorter turnaround time. We’re always up for a challenge around here.

Come in and visit us, try on some wedding bands, find what you love and lock it in- it will feel so much better than just “checking something off the list.” We promise.

Book your Wedding Band Appointment with us today! Or get in touch with our team via email with any questions.